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Iúri Oliveira has a full and effective studio setup, with all his collection of percussion instruments from around the world.

He has been recording, for many years for samples, tracks, albuns, singles alongside national and international producers, bands and musicians.

He is fully prepared with Hand Percussion, Small Percussion and Stick Percussion as well Overdubs, to compose any song, interlude intro / outro and record a Jazz Hybrid percussion setup with also a big variety of Microphones and comprehnsive knowledge about audio capture and editing. 

Iúri uses LOGIC PRO X and all his microphones, SONTRONICS, AKG and BEYERDYNAMIC.


Congas, Bátás, Bongós, Djembé, Cajon (Flamenco & Peruano), Tama (Talking Drums), Udus, Pandeiros, Frame Drums,  Tamborin, Portuguese Adufes, Water Drums, Calabash, Darbuka, Timbales, Rebolo, Surdo, Ocean Drums, Dun Duns.


Shakers, Shekeres, Tambourines, Blocks, Cowbells, Chimes, Bells, Gongs, Agogos, Guiros, Natural Sounds, Seed Rattles, Triangles, Chimes, Bird Whistles, Bell Plates, Caxixis, Cuica, Wind Tubes, Rain Stick, FX Cymbals, Claves.


Bombo Legüero, Berimbaus, Timbilia, Maracatú Alfaia, Mbiras, Kissages, Water Calabash, Krin, Snares, Leaf Brushes, Singing Bowls.


©Vicente Calado

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